What’s racism?

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septembre 20, 2012 par Sororité Aryenne

Racism explained to anti-racists

Racism is first and foremost love of one’s race. Racism is an inner journey, requiring a thorough knowledge of one’s soul, so that one’s mind draws from it the best it has to offer.

Racism is an introspection followed by an action of the noos on the thymos and the epithymia, in Plato’s words. In this three-cornered conception, noos is the rational and intellectual element located in the head. Thymos the irascible, tempered and vital element which defines our temper, located in the chest. As for epithymia, it represents the seat of desires, located in the paunch and in the crotch, the lowest faculty, yet essential to the self-preservation of the body and the perpetuation of the species. The highest faculty being of course the noos, since it has to control and channel the energies coming from both lower elements, so that all three strive united for the same goal, that is, superhuman surpassing of mankind.

Being racist is believing that each race created a culture of its own, and that all these cultures are the inalienable legacy of mankind. Being racist means considering that mixing them all would be the end of such an invaluable variety. Widespread miscegenation as it is nowadays preached everywhere only aims at destroying all these cultures, and must therefore be regarded as an ideology of hatred, and destruction.

Being racist means improving one’s race by taking care of oneself, on a corporeal, intellectual and spiritual basis. Being racist means treating all races with respect (and one’s own race above all). Being racist means taking into account their own uniqueness, favouring their own expansion in their proper living space, and making sure each one remains in the environment which sheltered it throughout the millenia.

Being racist means considering each culture to be the product of an hereditary psyche, resulting from the very soul of the race it corresponds to, and to suit only the needs of the race which gave birth to that culture. To a racist’s eyes, there is no sight more disturbing than seeing a person imitating another race’s manners and ways of life.

Racism is NOT hateful. Racism is love, love of what is beautiful and healthy. Antiracism, while constantly stirring up the colonial past and the so-called « Holocaust », is none other than a revanchist, poisonous and deadly ideology, which seems to exist for the sole purpose of fueling interracial tensions and setting races against one another.


About human races

In spite of their current phenotypical differences, Nordic and Mediterranean race are narrowly related . Explanations :

40.000 years ago, two races of Homo sapiens populated livable Europe and North Africa: Laugerie-Chancelade and Cro-Magnon _ respectively Homo priscus and Homo spelaeus according to French anthropologist Vacher de Lapouge. Both were dolichocephales, light-skinned , black-eyed and -haired, but Cro-Magnon was taller and stockier, less massive than Laugerie-Chancelade.

Narrowly connected, these two races separated from each other 18 000 years ago when the strait of Florida opened up in America .  The Gulf Stream, which would then bump into the coasts of what is now Sahara and maintain by its mild exhalations the lush and flourishing vegetation bordering the then abundant rivers flowing across the latter, diverted to Northern Europe. Due to te subsequent thawing, a large part of the fauna of this time – mammoths, woolly rhinos, saber-toothed cats – died out and went extinct, but the main food source of these prehistoric men, reindeers, migrated to the North..

Homo priscus, on the one hand, remained in Southern Europe and North Africa. And, so as to adapt himself to these new living conditions, he became Homo Mediterranensis, a small, gracile and dark-haired dolichocephale man. With these men are nowadays populated the today Iberian peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the southern half of Italy, Sardinia and Corsica, and so forth. And so emerged the Mediterranean race.

But Homo spelaeus, on the other hand, kept pace with the reindeers and subsequently followed them to the new northern pastures..  However, the coasts were then quite different from what they look like today. The huge polar icecap which at this time stretched over America and Siberia would withdraw so enormous a mass of water from the oceans that the global water level lowered itself to several dozens of meters less than nowadays . And so, a huge marshly alluvial plain stretched over where currently stands the icy North Sea, a plain directly exposed to the Gulf Stream, and widely opened to the winds blowing from the north.. There were neither snowfalls nor freezes there. But the temperatures were never warm either. The sky was perpetually covered with clouds, and the ground remained constantly wet, and covered with vast grassy meadows where herbivores came to graze, while watery game proliferated in the swamps . Those were the areas where Cro-Magnon settled. And, because of the climate, his hair and skin lost their pigments, and his eyes lightened throughout the millenia. For the same reason, his temper was to become the cold yet resolute character which would later qualify the light-eyed and haired Nordic Race.

As you can see above, Saoudis, Turks, etc… do not belong  to the Mediterranean race!

The Mediterranen race unfortunately underwent massive racial mixing with either black African populations or the Arab invaders, or both of them. As far as the Nordic race is concerned, its isolation protected it against such a mixing, and preserved it from miscegenation of any kind or whatsoever. Nevertheless, a Mediterranean whose ascent was never soiled by any inappropriate racial mixing can present himself as an Aryan quite as valid as a Nordic, a fact fully proven by the case in point of Doctor Josef Goebbels.

( Above, cordial visit of the good doctor, Minister for the Propaganda of Reich, to French actors Fernandel, Elvire Popesco and Jules Berry, in Berlin for Franco-German movie  » The heir of Mondesir  » , of the Belgian realizer Albert Valentine )

Why racial mixing leads to mediocrity

Crossbreeding two distant races within a species often tends to produce an offspring resembling to the wild ancestor of the species. Indeed, the hybrid tends to develop uppermost and above all the caracteristics shared by both its parents, the features both its parents have in common. However, these common features and characteristics are to be found ultimately in their common ancestor, which in the case of human crossing, happens to be the primitive savage of prehistoric mankind. And that suffices to explain that well-attested monkey appearance displayed by most mongrels.

Hence the threat widespread miscegenation poses to mankind : mixing the bloods might very well make humanity regress to its prehistorical and savage stage, long before its differentiation into several separate races clearly distinct from one another. For a specific blood quality corresponds to each race-type : this is what we call racial monohematism.

These very qualities are unfortunately diluted by the blood mixing inevitably caused by crossbreeding, and, since they remain concentrated only in a pure blood, such a mixing fatally weakens them, until they eventually die out, and disappear. As American anthropologist Lothrop Stoddard (1885-1950) said in 1920 : « One element must constitue the very base of social chemistry, and this element is none other than blood. I mean healthy, virile, genius-carrying blood, running along the ages thanks to the never-failing action of heredity. »

Indeed, the value of a race lies in the purity of its blood. And crossbreeding being none other than blood mixing, insemination must therefore be seen as very similar to a blood transfusion of some kind, supposed to directly transmit abilities and inabilites. And immigration itself, the very immigration currently imposed on white countries, and white countries only, must for its part be seen as a massive interracial blood transfusion, as well as an interracial transplant on a very large scale, the hidden purpose of so massive a transplant being the final and irrevocable destruction of the distinct qualities belonging to differentiated bloods and races, that is, the very annihilation of these races themselves.


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