The perversion of beauty


septembre 20, 2012 par Sororité Aryenne

« Christianity gave Eros poison to drink: he did not die of it but degenerated into vice » Friedrich Nietzsche

There is an aspect of the problem of beauty which is very specific to the West and western culture, I mean by that the complete concealment of nudity, and the very warped image attached to the beauty of human body. Here’s a little test for you : post a picture of any nude, Greco-Roman or Renaissance style, in any web forum. Everyone will acknowledge the beauty of the piece, even so they are not actually moved or touched by such beauty (the thing is, they have been taught all their lives that such works of art were indeed the embodiment of what is said to be « beauty », so no one’s ever gonna raise any objection to that.)

Well, then, post a very similar picture, but portraying this time an actual human model, a photograph for instance. And then, watch the outcry : everybody will protest that your picture is pornography, not art. Of course, in an hypocritical way, since they don’t want to pose as puritans : for example, someone will say : « Do you realize if children saw that ? ». And if you ever make the mistake of replying you don’t understand why the body God or Mother Nature gave us all is shocking in any way, you will inevitably end being regarded as some sort of paedophile, giving some artistic alibi to conceal his perverted and kinky nature. On the other hand, however, should somebody spread in endless paragraphs over his latest surgery or rave at length upon his diseases and sicknesses of all kind, well, that would be acceptable for everyone !

Another example : should a beautiful young woman once arrive to work with bare necks and shoulders and wearing a miniskirt in front of all her colleagues, well, let’s face it, she would be called a slut. On the other hand, should someone expose some kind of wound, scar, or abhorrent suppurating fester, nobody would ever declare to be shocked, let alone would someone dare tell him : « Eeeew gross ! Hide that, you sick bastard ! »

Now, why is that ? Where does so undeniable a perversion of our views on beauty with regard to human body or nudity come from ? Well, where can it come from, if not from Christianity and its deification of everything abject and despicable, Christianity which most essential symbol is a crucified man and his everlasting torture, Christianity which spent the last two millenia concealing and condemning the beauty of the body, and exposing and praising only the ugliness of the flesh ?

* (And expose and praise the ugliness of the flesh it did. Saint Hilario, who would cut his hair only once in a year, on Easter day, spent his entire life sleeping on the ground, never whashed, and would change the bag covering his body only when it was torn into pieces. Saint Symeo, known as « the Stylite », once tied himself with a chain : to prevent it to enter and hurt his flesh, he put a piece of leather between the former and the latter. After his death, when the piece of leather was withdrawn, more than twenty huge worms were found in it. By the same token, Jeremiah would tie himself with wood chains when he preached his unbelieving people. Both Saint Francis and Saint Benedictus would roll naked in thorny bushes. Hosea married a whore, then went back to his first wife, though she was mean and adulterous. Ezekiel once slept for forty days on his right side, then one hundred and fifty days on his left. And  so forth.)

3 réflexions sur “The perversion of beauty

  1. Anglois parleur dit :

    Hi girls,
    I would like to exchange some human heat but you are the only humans from my point of view. Any other girl would be just a intruder in my personal comfort range. How can we meet ?

  2. Vig dit :

    Hello Ladies,

    My French is not good enough to write to you in your language. I am a Dutch sculptor and just read your Nietzsche quote and article. Very very essential!! The experience of beauty is at the very core of our European culture before christianity!
    I wholeheartedly support the Aryan vision for us Europeans and I would like to show my French sisters some sculptures I made of human figures with black sun and triskele. But I dont know how to upload pictures on this website, so if you are interested to see go please to where I posted a number of articles by Vig with my sculpures about the Aryan vision.
    It is amazing that a lot of websites like yours are sprouting all over the western world.
    Keep me informed about your articles. I hope you girls can read English.

    All the best to you,



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